What do our patients have to say?


"I have been going to this young, energetic dentist since my former one retired. I became acquainted with Dr. Scarazzo through my elderly patients when I drove them to his Warminster office for visits. I was so impressed with him that I quickly became his patient. He closed the Warminster office and is now located near the Mercer Tile Works. I am now 62, had a big gap between my front teeth and today I had my first cosmetic dental procedure. He was able to close the gap and I can smile again without a closed mouth smile!"


"Dr. Scarazzo is the best in my book! He is competent, compassionate and a true perfectionist. I am extremely pleased with the Crown and Bridge work he did for me. He explained every phase of the procedure and made sure I was comfortable during the work."


I am in awe of Dr Scarazzo's expertise. I receive so many compliments on my smile and the entire procedure was comfortable, despite of the amount of serious dental work. He is a gentle, caring perfectionist. His entire staff is exceptional. Everyone goes above and beyond to make my visits a pleasant experience. If you suffer from "dental-phobia" a visit to this office will be a permanent cure.


I recently had ten porcelain veneers done by Dr Scarazzo. I had my first set done about 20 years ago. They were called "caps" - basically cheap enamel on top of metal. Eventually the metal starting showing at the top of my gum line and turned yellow. They did their job for a while but then I asked Dr Scarazzo about getting them replaced and he recommended the new porcelain veneers. WOW! What a difference. Dr Scarazzo set up my course of treatment. It was many hours but it was so worth it. Dr Scarazzo and his staff made me feel so welcome and comfortable in their office. Before I had the new veneers put on I never smiled because I was so self conscious of the metal showing at the top of my gum line. Now I can't stop smiling :) I have had so many compliments on my smile. I HIGHLY recommend getting veneers. You will be so happy with the end results.


I like Scarazzo Dental because everyone is so professional and relaxed. The team is exceedingly flexible, have a great spirit and get me in and back out to work in no time at all with clean teeth, a smile and a laugh for the day!